"SehenSucht" is an art installation comprising of three rooms and a corridor. SehenSucht was born out of the obsessive desire to see. The question we asked ourselves was: is Alzheimer a disease or a new condition of being?
The question has emerged in a more evident way during the art project “a a a a “(2011-2014) which has seen the project’s creator, artist Laura Morelli, and the documentarist Sara Luraschi, working closely with dozens of people involved in the Alzheimer’s world: caregivers, patients, volunteers, health authorities, civil societies, art and theatre.
Many have been the reflections and “SehenSucht” closes four years of research and experimental relation, opening up a dialogue between the two authors where voices, faces and people’s stories appear in the videos.

Saturday 3th of Dicember 2016

Domus Magna 

Palazzo della Misericordia

via Arena 9 

Bergamo Alta

frame from "SehenSucht", taken from the installation SehenSucht by Laura Morelli and Sara Luraschi
SehenSucht promo in english, 2017
"3.archeologia" video installation by Laura Morelli e Sara Luraschi
"3.archeologia" video installation by Laura Morelli e Sara Luraschi
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