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with Barbara Grillanda_prof.ssa IISS Ettore Majorana, Seriate/bg : lauramorelli.eu_artist : Fabio Defendi_responsible Exodus Service : Giovanni Diffidenti_photoreporter : Alberto Valtellina_Stefano P. Testa_video : Barbara Carsana_lawyer
duration 50 hours | March - June
classes 3AEI, 4BP, 5BEI participate
Andrea Anesa, Andrea Martulli, Andrea Rapicavoli, Angelo Brignoli, Daniele Tolardo, Francesco Fucile, Giorgia Balducci, Giorgio Ceribelli, Lorenzo Biava, Karim Garguech, 
Michael Cavallini, Othmane Essaidi, Samuel Terzi, Simone Ponterio, Valerio Giovanone 
school year 2020-22
Citizenship and Constitution is a subject introduced into the curricula of all schools of all levels by Law 169 of 30/10/2008. It is a subject that is divided into: civic education : environmental education : education to legality : principles of proper sporting competition : values of voluntary work : road safety education : health education : respect for the rules.
In this field, a synthesis of knowledge, social skills and teaching strategies can be made. The teaching action concentrates on some well-identified aspect of citizenship or on the analysis of some significant practical behaviour and well-identified existential experiences.  The important thing is that it is a defined didactic path and that the frontal lesson is replaced by guided group work. 


DIRECT EXPERIENCE to be carried out with the tutor in the area: city, province of Bergamo   
ANALYSIS ante: philosophical and pragmatic preparation for the experience. Presentation of the limits and possibilities of action during the experience. Post-experience: collective analysis of pre-work in the school environment 
KNOWLEDGE collection of multimedia materials, reflections and ideas for deepening for the trans-disciplinary didactics; editing of a video; organisation of a public event for the dissemination of results  
PUBLIC EXPERIENCE a final event concludes the workshop

values of volunteering_Fabio Defendi_Bergamo and the homeless_CAMPER ESODO AND MENSA AUTOLINEE
environmental education_Giovanni Diffidenti_LA CAVA DI CISERANO

to be defined in relation to covid conditions

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