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30 August -6 September 2009

opening: Saturday 29 th August ti at 4:00 p.m. (you come with an electric torch)

Albino , via Spiazzi n.6 (the street beside the pharmacy)

It's the first and spontaneous appointment of an artistic laboratory in the territory of the Seriana Valley organized by Virgilio Fidanza.

Twenty-one artists, from Bergamo to Bologna, passing for Turin and Genoa performe works , thought for the occasion in the residence, in the garden and In the country That actually climb from the house of Virgilio Fidanza to the Wood of the small Valley of the Lujo .

From territorial Geographies very different and intimate, with different ideas and expressive tools, similar perhaps only for a generational affiliation, Every artist has chosen his place and his sign in the time of this project.

And so it'spicked a solicitation done of nature and of creativeness In Which a private space becomes a place of art, of thought and of meeting


Fabrizio Agustoni , Valerio Ambiveri, Davide Anni, Sabrina Baruzzi, Elio Bianco, Umberto Pipi Carrara, Italo Chiodi, Luigi Compagnoni, Mario Cresci, Carlo dell'Acqua, Giovanni Diffidenti, Ferrario Frères, Paolo Ferrario, Rocco Fidanza, Virgilio Fidanza, Armida Gandini, Giuliano Giussani, Maurizio Grisa, Giovanna Magri, Francesco Martinelli, Norma Miano, Gianfranco Milanesi, Laura Morelli, Rossella Murgia, Renzo Nucara, Margo Fotografia, Domenico Pievani priest, Fernanda Radaelli, Maurizio Rossi, Diego Ruggeri, Carla Volpati, Andrea Zampatti

ABARCAS, art: Laura Morelli (photo Giovanni Diffidenti)
COLERA, Giovanni Diffidenti
sculpture, Audelio Carrara
art work by Armida Gandini (photo Giovanni Diffidenti)
sculpture by Renzo Nucara (photo Giovanni Diffidenti)
photo-installation by Virgilio Fidanza


virgilio fidanza
p (+39) 035 771236

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