+ Date of publishing: 09/10/2017
+ Project: __projectnamelanguage__ >>>

the assembly elected the new chairman: Carmelo Di Bartolo.
Laura Morelli leaves the chair after ten ..>>>


+ a new challenge: SehenSucht

logo + Date of publishing: 03/06/2015
+ Project: SehenSucht >>>

A new plan was born today: what if Alzheimer was a new condition of being?>>>



+ Date of publishing: 23/05/2015
+ Project: emotICON >>>

public videoshow  by DECALAGE's students / IISS "E.Majorana" to the Aurora Theatre/Seriate Bg>>>


+ I cannot live without you / You will not live without me

logo + Date of publishing: 21/10/2014
+ Project: I cannot live without you / you will not live without me >>>



+ new video-idea

video frame + Date of publishing: 08/04/2014
+ Project: a a a a >>>

You can download the new video-idea by Luisa on the aaaaALZHEIMER youtube channel>>>






+ DNA dell'insicurezza




+ SehenSucht


"SehenSucht" is an art installation comprising of three rooms and a corridor. SehenSucht was born out of the obsessive desire to see. The question we asked ourselves was: is Alzheimer a disease or a new condition of being?
The question has emerged in ..>>>


+ I cannot live without you / you will not live without me


Laura Morelli addresses the problem of gender violence.
Organized by AIAF Association of Lawyers for the family and children.
2014 I can not live without you, you will not live without me
2015 as above, so below>>>


+ emotICON

video frame



+ DNA | the global scale

video frame + From 21/11/2017 to 21/11/2017
+ Project: DNA dell'insicurezza >>>

2nd YEAR
Francesca Pisa, Europe communication manager Tenaris S.A. speaks of security as a cultural action within a global company.
Plenary meeting
h 10: 00-11: 00
follows a meeting with participants in the design lab interactive maps
h 11: 00-11: 30
Aula ..>>>


+ DNA | tactile maps

Happy Vision image cut + From 31/10/2017 to 31/10/2017
+ Project: DNA dell'insicurezza >>>

2nd YEAR
Francesco Zonca, Happy Vision entrepreneur, speaks of his human and professional experience: tactile maps as a product and as a valorisation of personal experience.
Plenary meeting
IISS Ettore Majorana of Seriate / bg
h 10: 00-11: 00
follows a ..>>>


+ DNA | perceived safety

logo + From 25/05/2017 to 25/05/2017
+ Project: DNA dell'insicurezza >>>

2nd YEAR
Carmelo Di Bartolo, industrial designer, speaks of "perceived security": from plants to security objects.
Plenary Meeting
h 11: 00-12: 00
Aula Magna
IISS Ettore Majorana Seriate


+ SehenSucht | art installation

logo + From 03/12/2016 to 18/12/2016
+ Project: SehenSucht >>>

contemporary art installation
by Laura Morelli and Sara Luraschi
care of Silvia Mascheroni
technicians: Mauro Galbiati | audio, Mauro Frugiuele | video
Domus Magna
Palazzo della Misericordia
via Arena 9 (città alta)
opening 03.12.2016


+ SehenSucht | l'amico immaginario

photo + From 10/12/2016 to 10/12/2016
+ Project: SehenSucht >>>




+ Project: BUNKER >>>

The objective of Charity online is to re-distribute works of art, documents, photographs and all of the material produced during the BUNKER project. The wealth gathered from the local territory returns to the territory and the single individual interested in supporting the Di+ mission. >>>