art + robot + human being = a chair that walks using a recognizable behavioural model.

A common object that recalls the way that a person with crutches or a prosthesis walks, keeping in mind the victims of land mines. A machine that uses approximation and scarcity of economical means to obtain a recognizable behavioural model by everybody, which is evocative, and which communicates in a profound way to the individual. A machine capable of sustaining itself by approximate mechanical balance and a defined and precise relational behaviour. An artistic object as a catalyzer in the deep sense, both subjective and collective. A project that started in 2002 that has produced a web site, photographs, videos, designs, installations, research and publications, which is made available to any interested associations and institutions.

Conceived by: Laura Morelli, Riccardo Cassinis

SURVIVOR CHAIR WORKING, Laura Morelli and Riccardo Cassinis (photo Virgilio Fidanza)
study of some constructive elements, Laura Morelli
THE PERFECT SURVIVOR, Laura Morelli and Giovanni Diffidenti, Roma 2004
THE PERFECT SURVIVOR, Laura Morelli and Giovanni Diffidenti, Bangkok 2003
Video animation SURVIVOR by Center of Bioengineering of the Don Gnocchi Foundation, Milan
SURVIVOR in a TV broadcast in Thailand

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