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28 - 29 September 2013    

Scuola “J. Barozzi” 

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MEMO-tracce is the event of video, art, music and theatre that concludes the project "Memory function and memory in function - teenagers and elderly together to value to old age and attention to its difficulties” made in 2012-13 in Milano in Zone 5. The project originates from the meeting between purposes and expertise of the volunteering association AIMA Milano Onlus and the association DI +. For the last fifteen years AIMA Milan Onlus, based in the city in Zone 5, has been supporting the relatives of Alzheimer patients during the journey of care with information, direction and support services. MEMO-tracce is an event planned within the project: the story of the path that lasted one scholastic year, that has involved 163 students, 20 elderly volunteers, 15 professors, together with Ilaria Maccalli, psycologist; Raffaella Chillè, actress; Laura Morelli, artist; Sara Luraschi, director; and coordinated by Antonella Consonni, Guerino Biscaro e Stefania Gatti

The event is a mash-up of knowledge, relational strategies and inner sceneries. MEMO-tracce speaks of declined memory in many ways; all linked to the large container of sense that is the memory illness. Alzheimer brings into play the human being in its relational capacity, often behind words, that in general is the privileged language within relations. The event is concentrating on the body language, relation with the space, expressive freedom, and search of oneself and of one’s point of view. It is a container of traces. The ones on show belong to the people involved in the project without difference in age, profession and role. The artwork and the objects created are displayed as light traces left with the contact between the generations and their natural memory baggage. MEMO-tracce is the harmonious composition of the clues left during this process.


Saturday 28 September 2013

h 18      AIMA Milano introduces the event

h 18-     W L’ITALIA, art installation by Laura Morelli 

h 18-     Screening in loop 

             video-ideas of the school and linked to the project 

h 18.30  Una strada di cielo, musical reading by Raffaella Chillè 

h 18:45/ 19:45  Ci vuole una bella memoria!, 

              documentary by Sara Luraschi 

h 19:30  Una memoria e due tailleur, musical reading by Raffaella Chillè 

Sunday 29 September 2013

h 10-     W L’ITALIA, art installation by Laura Morelli 

h 10-     Screening in loop of the video-ideas of the school 

             and linked to the project 

h 10/ 14/ 15/ 16/ 18/ 19 

             Ci vuole una bella memoria!,  documentary by S. Luraschi

h 11:30/ 12 Giù Giù Giù, performance by Raffella Chillè

h 15      Non verbal language laboratory with Raffella Chillè. Max 20 spaces

h 17/ 17:30  lA Mia stORIa, performance by Raffaella Chillè

h 18      Meeting with AIMA Milano. Dialogue on the results of the project

ribbon-cutting ceremony / photo by Angie Scala
Musical reading by Raffaella Chillè, live music by Valentino Dragano / photo by Angie Scala
image made by a student
W L'ITALIA art installation by Laura Morelli / photo by Angie Scala
image made by a student
W L'ITALIA the guided visit is made by the students / art installation by Laura Morelli / photo by Angie Scala
W L'ITALIA guided visit / art installation by Laura Morelli / photo by Angie Scala
Giù Giù Giù performance / photo by Angie Scala
lA Mia stORIa performance by Raffaella Chillè, text by Valentino Dragano / photo by Angie Scala
video-frame, "Ci vuole una bella memoria!" documentary by Sara Luraschi
grafic of James Atkins Design
Un incontro d'amore, video-idea di Eugenia, 2012 [ITA]
A love encounter, video-idea by Eugenia, 2012 [ENG]
I ricordi nelle voci, video-idea di Miriam Sigismondi, 2011 [ITA]
Memories in voices, video-idea by Miriam Sigismondi, 2011 [ENG]

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