+ From 16/09/2021 to 20/09/2021
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NATURE IN HUMAN NATURE is an exhibition showcasing the project from design to final results. Project texts, photos, videos tell how an experiential workshop is developed and what results can be obtained. During the opening, the authors of the lab and some students of the decalage project will have the opportunity to make the experience public.

project Decalage
by lauramorelli.eu
promoted by DI + onlus
IISS Ettore Majorana, Di + onlus, Fondazione Don Lorenzo Milano Patronato san Vincenzo Sorisole
with Barbara Grillanda_prof.ssa IISS Ettore Majorana, Seriate/bg : lauramorelli.eu_artist : Fabio Defendi_responsible Exodus Service : Giovanni Diffidenti_photoreporter : Alberto Valtellina_Stefano P. Testa_video : Barbara Carsana_lawyer
duration 50 hours | March - June
classes 3AEI, 4BP, 5BEI participate
Andrea Anesa, Andrea Martulli, Andrea Rapicavoli, Angelo Brignoli, Daniele Tolardo, Francesco Fucile, Giorgia Balducci, Giorgio Ceribelli, Lorenzo Biava, Karim Garguech, 
Michael Cavallini, Othmane Essaidi, Samuel Terzi, Simone Ponterio, Valerio Giovanone 
school year 2020-22

opening thursday 18 h 08:15pm
Cultural Centre
p.zza della Pace 
Ciserano bg

video frame by lauramorelli
video frame

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