‘Out of War Experiences – Hope for the Future’, or WE-Hope, is a project designed to promote social inclusion across Europe and is funded by Creative Europe to the value of €200 000. 

The project will launch on 1 October 2019 and last three years. Over that period, it will be divided into three phases:
Phase 1: collect oral testimonies of survivors of conflict, both in Europe and in places that newly- arrived migrants and refugees have come from, and build a digital archive to collect these war memories together
Phase 2: Commission artists to create an artwork/installation inspired by and responding to the stories in the digital archive
Phase 3: the artwork/installation will tour various European cities and will be accompanied by a programme of debates and discussions about inclusion

The partners and participants are: University of Lincoln, UK (Lead)_National Technical University of Athens_Memoro Italy_Greek Bank of Memories_Michael Culture_Threshold Studios UK_Lapsus Italy_Di + Association Italy_Manchester Refugee Support Network



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