+ From 28/02/2012 to 28/02/2012
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Tuesday 28 February 2012

9 pm

Auditorium P.zza della Libertà


An “anarchical” illness in continual expansion: Alzheimer’s.

A tribe – for 80% made up of women – that each day faces three taboos: old age, mental illness and the fear of death. Creativity as one of the best ways of surviving. The experience of Alzheimer’s is so extraordinarily intense that it is potentially destructive. Or, vice versa, exceptionally creative.

aaaa is a public art project created through the direct relationship of Alzheimer’s and the world surrounding Alzheimer’s: so full of existential contents that it goes beyond the biographical contents. aaaa explores and proposes the positive and creative aspects of the world of Alzheimer’s. A world that instills fear, and seems only anguish, pain, and loss, but instead, reserves continual surprises when it is lived as a universe to be discovered.

An artist, Laura Morelli. A group of women, a female troupe, an actress, a journalist, caregivers, voluntary workers, operators, institutions and associations from the Bergamo territory.

An evening of film-theatre-music to relate this extraordinary experience

video-frame / video-idea by Pino
Raffella Chillé into THE MIRROR / photo by Elena Catalfamo
video-frame / Laura Morelli
the public / photo by Bedolis 2012
the public / photo by bedolis 2012