+ From 02/02/2013 to 03/02/2013
+ Project: a a a a >>>

Laura Morelli opens the Gina's dressmaker to which they want to try the creative experience to make a bag as a portrait.

"LETIZIA" bag by Ornella Morelli
"Alona" bag by Graziella Bogliun
"VITTORIA" bag by Laura Morelli
"TANYA" bag by Melissa Ghidini - Before starting to work on the bag, Laura asked me to think about a person and I immediately thought of my friend Tanya. When rummaging through the plastic bags looking for buttons, ties and laces I didn't have a clear idea, I only thought about my friend and her story. Little by little I started to discover pieces and to place them randomly. I thought of Cyprus and the Mediterranean. I thought of London and of Tanya's family divided between the turkish side of Cyprus and England. The experience brought me back to childhood. It became a game where I rediscovered not only my immagination and creativity, but also my friend. With the help of Laura and her experienced hand, a portrait was born. Something that to me is history and tells a story altogether. It's a bag full of places, thoughts, love, ideas...-
"WHITE" bag by Raffaella Chillè