+ From 16/06/2012 to 16/06/2012
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Saturday 16 June 2012

Various places, Urbino (PU)

Stamattina ho messo le tue scarpe 

(This morning I have put your shoes)

An  inductive route on the mental disease

Laura Morelli is invited to participate at the route and after converse with the public in order to find analogies with the experience of the a a a a Alzheimer project.

This morning I put your shoes is promoted by the Cooperative Alpha and the Department of Mental Health of Urbino - Asur Vasta Area 1. This is an inductive route based on an experience at first hand, to get in touch with mental illness. Although structured in phases and precise timing, the excursion allows those involved to live a subjective experience, dictated by his feelings and emotions.

The participants at the end of the day, are invited to take part in a debate for a comparison with specialists and representatives of the entities involved. The feeling gotten in the stages are reworked and translated in a debate.

stamp of Stamattina ho messo le tue scarpe