+ From 22/11/2009 to 22/11/2009
+ Project: Bunker >>>

A new opening of the shelters of the ex-Breda

On Sunday 22 nd November 2009, from 2:50 p.m. to 3:40 p.m.

The Metropolitan Urban ecomuseo in Milan Nord, in collaboration with Park North Milan, within the demonstration "MAPPIAMO MILANO_NORD", it proposes two free driven visits in the Bunkers of the Breda.

The visitors ,in groups of 40 people, will be accompanied in a visit through images, narrations and direct memories on the Second World war and the history of the Park.

Bunker: installation of crotchet bombs(works of Laura Morelli / Association DI+)

Video "The warmth from the Liberty" on the Resistance and the Liberation in Milan, introduced by Giuseppe Colzani and Gianmario Molteni (edited by ANPI Niguarda).

Photographic exhibition on the bombardments in Sestor (edited by ANPI Lombardia - Foundation ISEEC).

"Because here everything was factory... everything was Breda...." drawn from "The third footstep: walked visionary in the dawn and in the night of the Park" conceived and interpreted by Lorenza Zambon. Music live of Gianpiero Malfatto

Entry: free with obligatory booking

Registrations: by mail to the address eumm-nord@tramemetropolitane.it or through phone to the number 3405060226 (in case of non reserved places it is possible to enroll on the spot). IMPORTANT: THE BOOKING IS TO CONSIDERED ALL RIGHT ONLY IN CASE OF CONFIRMATION FROM THE ORGANIZERS.

The booking gives right to the place up to 5 minutes before the departure of the visit.

n case of not presentation , the place will be given to the first person in list of attended.

Place: the Bunkers are found in the Grove GEV, behind the Farmhouse Center Park: follow the indications that you will find on the spot.

PEACE BOMB, Laura Morelli and nuns of the Poverelle, (photo Elia Rollier)
THE B-64, Laura Morelli Antonia Locati and others women (photo Elia Rollier)
during the video projection IL TEPORE DELLA LIBERTA' (photo Elia Rollier)
ADVERTISING AND PRIDE BOMB, Laura Morelli and Inner Wheel Monza (photo Elia Rollier)
MADONNA'S BOMB, Laura Morelli and group Seeds of Peace (photo Elia Rollier)