+ From 01/07/2006 to 23/07/2006
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Dalmine, 1 – 23 July 2006 New Civic Library of Dalmine 

Together with the artist Laura Morelli, groups of women from Dalmine and other nearby towns, worked to produce a series of bombs of identical dimensions and shapes to those dropped on Dalmine in World War II. The bombs were recreated using crochet, knitting and lace techniques. Laura Morelli and Monica Mazzoleni filmed the intense and masterly activity of the hands of the women while they were intent on working, stitch after stitch, to make the singular explosives. The “in progress” video combines the manual work with the chatting and memories accompanying this intimate but shared activity.

During the exhibition in Dalmine, the “crocheted bombs” were placed on a huge white sheet where 424 squares were traced, the number of bombs dropped on Dalmine.

Free guided tours were organized to the anti-raid shelter in via Garbagni for the entire period of the exhibition.

Dalmine, 6 July 2006

Public projection of the video Bunker/film/1

Produced by the director Alberto Valtellina in cooperation with Laura Morelli, the video investigates the expressions of memory, both collectively as well as individually. The weaving of personal memories combines with the methods of historical-scientific research. The history of ’44 to current times is coloured with passionate images, uses, and thoughts. Fragments of a history still to be written, linked by the red strand of the anti-raid shelter that, silently, breathes.

Women involved in the production of the bombs: 70

Bombs produced: 32

Bombs exhibited: 19

Visitors: 1000

Guided tours to the refuge: 12

CROCHETED BOMBS, Laura Morelli, Dalmine 2006 (photo Giovani Diffidenti) Dalmine 2006
il gruppo "semi di pace"|Istituto femminile don Guanella di Verdello/bg preparano il foglio bianco su cui il pubblico potrà disegnare. foto di Giovanni Diffidenti, elaborazione di Laura Morelli
VIDEOMANI, video frame, Laura Morelli and Monica Mazzoleni
VideoMani, by Laura Morelli and MoMonica, 2006, partition of the video

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