+ From 27/04/2012 to 27/04/2012
+ Project: Bunker >>>

Friday 27 April 2012

9-10:50 am

ISA Institute for Higher Education in Monza

Art School Lecture Hall

Meeting with students on the assignment of a "crocheted bomb" by the Inner Wheel Club of Monza Service at the Art School.


Graziella Bogliun / Service Inner Wheel Club of Monza past-president years 2010-2011 and one of the women who made the bomb or crocheted

Laura Morelli / / A + non-profit, artist, author of the project BUNKER and "crocheted bombs"

Anna D'anna / ISA, professor of history

screening of the documentary "Operation 614" produced by City of Dalmine, made by Multimagine.

crocheted bombs # 31 / Laura Morelli / BUNKER project 2007 / photo by Virgilio Fidanza