+ From 10/09/2006 to 17/09/2006
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Bergamo, 10 – 17 September 2006 Sala Viscontea of Bergamo Alta

Video Memory / 4
The video, produced by the artist Laura Morelli in cooperation with Alberto Valtellina, proposes a memory chain that begins with eyewitnesses and ends with the current generation, following different versions of stories connected to the bombing of Dalmine on 6 July 1944 and the air-raid shelters.
The four monitors that comprise the video-installation contemporarily demonstrate the members of a single family group: one at a time they tell their own “story” following the thread of memories that cover the intimate and private tales handed down through the family.

Plants and War presented by the “Lorenzo Rota” Botanical Garden
This theme is treated from three different angles: the gardens of war, a revaluation of the old domestic practice based on looking after plant organisms; phytobiology, concerning food habits in situations of emergency with wild plants that grow spontaneously in natural and anthropic habitats; and the effects of war on plant organisms, very little studied and almost always excluded from the long list of sadly known “collateral effects”.

People interviewed: 22
Visitors: 800

BUNKER 2, view