Bunker is an original artistic project created by Laura Morelli, where public history meets with private micro-history. Created from the desire to face a theme of great current interest, this project offers the public a multi-faceted vision of the collective imagination connected to the bunker both as a historical and metaphoric place – from its original use to the subsequent abandon and final recuperation under form of a silent historical container. The project also unveils and suggests new meanings and suggestions evoked by this space in current times. Moving along a story-line of testimonies and memories, the project presented by the artist Laura Morelli develops through video, installations and photographs, tracing a new itinerary throughout the territory. From the bombing of Dalmine (near Bergamo) on the 6 July 1944, to the contemporary bunker, conceived not only as an anti-raid shelter but also metaphorically as a private place of shelter or a public environment of protection and preservation. While contemporary society has the tendency to observe and preserve, continually searching for occasions of the past to recall and celebrate, at times with obsession, on the other hand, memory way too often uses commemoration as a safety valve depriving it of its meaning. Bunker emerges from this kind of logic and gives voice to the “singularity” of memories, abandoning the beaten path of public history, and following a thread of memories. The installations, video, and photographic images are the results of a lengthy documentation and research around an event of public history, re-elaborated through the artist’s sensitivity and restored to the community: a project strongly anchored to the territory and its people.


crocheted bomb # 1, Laura Morelli
crocheted bomb, Laura Morelli
crocheted bomb # 2, by Laura Morelli
crocheted bomb # 3, Laura Morelli
USA ARMY AN-M64 project, courtesy Museo della Guerra di Rovereto
crocheted bomb # 4, Laura Morelli
BUNKER 1 crocheted bombs, art installation by Laura Morelli, Dalmine 2006 (photo Giovanni Diffidenti)
crocheted bomb # 5, Laura Morelli
WITNESS portrait of Charlie, Giovanni Diffidenti
crocheted bomb # 6, Laura Morelli
crocheted bomb # 7, Laura Morelli
grand mother's school, Bergamo/Italy, Giovanni Diffidenti)
crocheted bomb # 8, Laura Morelli
videoMani, video frame, Laura Morelli and MoMonica
crocheted bomb # 9, Laura Morelli
crocheted bomb # 10, Laura Morelli
crocheted bomb # 11, Laura Morelli
crocheted bomb # 12, Laura Morelli
crocheted bomb # 13, Laura Morelli
crocheted bomb # 14, Laura Morelli
crocheted bomb # 18, Laura Morelli
VideoMemoria, video frame, Laura Morelli
crocheted bomb # 19, Laura Morelli
crocheted bomb # 20, Laura Morelli
Bunker at Miart, photo by Connecting Cultures
crocheted bomb # 22, Laura Morelli
crocheted bomb # 23, Laura Morelli
crocheted bomb # 26, Laura Morelli
videoMani, video frame, Laura Morelli and MoMonica
crocheted bomb # 27, Laura Morelli
crocheted bomb # 29, Laura Morelli
crocheted bomb # 30, Laura Morelli
crocheted bomb # 31, Laura Morelli
original idea, sketch, Laura Morelli
VideoMani, by Laura Morelli and MoMonica, 2006, partition of the video

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